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Detective Pikachu

The first moments of the film as you see Pidgeottos gliding over the horizon gave me goosebumps as I saw a world once imagined, come alive.

As wonderful as it was seeing my childhood pocket monsters recreated on the screen like that, it shouldn't have been the only thing that kept me hooked. It often times felt like they only had a budget to model up a few of them, even then with over 800 Pokemon in the roster now they could have made some better choices. Or at least stuck with the original 151.

Aside from that, they have a good bunch of characters that could make up for better stories to come. Stories that got me so excited growing up, that I lived from 5:30 to 5:30 on a daily basis. Or the reason I couldn't stop playing the Pokemon games unless I burnt through them all. I want to see Pokemon trainers and Pokemon battles. Show me the relationship we have with our pets, the co dependency of humans and their surroundings.

The film tries to do that, but only scratches the surface. I hope they have some sequel ideas, and actually take it forward. For now, Ryan Reynolds' cheeky Pikachu is unnecessary and it's an opportunity wasted. One to introduce the new generation of kids to the world we refused to let go off.