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You were never really here


You were never really here is a poetic account of troubled redemption. It's definite arthouse, often times, transcending into an unexplainable space of mental health maps. I might need a second viewing to fully comprehend everything.
Joaquin Phoenix is inarguably one of the best actors working right now, I doubt this film would have worked with anybody else helming it. He fills the character with just the right amount of heart and hurt that's needed.
Violence is distant and more a factor of the past or future. The film doesn't want to affect you with the sheer brutality of actions. Only affect you by its reprecussions.
In a particularly powerful moment of realizations, the hunter and the prey are laying down together. Just happening to hands and allowing themselves the beauty of one last song. Knowing that there is nothing better to be done in that moment. It feels like the end of the funnel.

YWNRH is going to stay with me for a while. The soundtrack echoing through my ears, reminiscing the goosebumps of moments like those.