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Tumbbad has to be the most unexpected film to shake the scene up. That is, if you do not know about its long journey to the screens.

Tumbbad comes like a storm, washing away memories of all the terrible horror you've had to watch from Bollywood, and the endless Hollywood sequels.

It is a genre bending film that reeks of tropes from horror, fantasy, thriller, period epics and creature films. In 1 h 44 m of its run-time, it does not take a whole act to gestate its ideas and gets straight into it.

With gritty perfectly lit frames and an eye on details, the cinematography is its own beautiful character in the film. Which is a thing I could only say about a handful of Indian films.

Tumbbad makes no compromises in delivering a super satisfying experience and has now raised the bar for all horror productions to come.