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Teen aur Aadha

Teen aur aadha is three and a half single takes spanning three and a half stories, all set in a single Mumbai house. As masterful as the technical aspects of this film are, the pearls are far beyond in the storytelling. With single takes of about 30-40 minutes each, the performances are charming and they all make it look so damn easy! I couldn't take my eyes off the sheer control that Zoya Hussain and Jim Sarbh had on screen. Zoya's character was one of my favorite things in Mukkabaaz, and she almost managed to bring me to tears in the cold/mess video (Also directed by Dar Gai). She is definitely my new favorite actress. Along with the performances, the whole sequence had a hold on me that I can't quite describe. Arguably my favorite among the three. The way it is directed, the slight pauses between some dialogues and the synced up background sounds of Mumbai. There is a rawness in the way that we follow our characters for those brief encounters. We invest in them but don't quite trust them. A relationship that quite reflects the connection we have with a city like Mumbai. The movie looks good, sounds good, feels good. It is a perfect Netflix release, and you will find something you won't quite be able to shrug off.

It is a good time for independent releases and they deserve our chances for whenever we are done with watching Avengers for the 12th time. Also, I can't wait to watch Namdev Bhau and hope it comes out soon.