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The recurring thought of "If I was a superhero, I wouldn't have half my problems and it would be so cool." was sometimes the only light of imagination present when I found myself stuck in a limbo of being bullied, questioning my purpose and getting over self doubt.
As you grow older, the light dims and the caves get coarser. You get blinded by the chase of something, something that you feel like if you had it then it would fix everything in your life. But we are fools and everything we need to feel better is right in our reach, always. That's what Shazam! taught me. Only the third time I've felt like this after Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman and Richard Donner's classic Superman. A thought from a pool of optimism, a takeaway from the power of authentic storytelling.

Shazam! is a classic superhero film filled with innocent humor and an unpretentious woke personality. The film is aware that it exists in the market of superhero saturation, people are tired and bogged down with tales of the ultimate good and saving the world. Realizing one's potential and defeating the evil within you is a done concept. Shazam! just tells you the simple story of a foster kid, Billy Batson, and his adorably well-written family. His accidental superpowers and some whacky relatable experiments with the same. Along with some genuine moments of sentiments like the one I mentioned in the beginning. The jokes almost always land, and DC seems to have finally struck a balance of humor and emotions with this one. The whole cast is a delight to watch and the family is just a roster of people that you are either gonna love or love. This makes me very excited for upcoming projects and if I will get to see more of the Shazam family with the most anticipated Black Adam who is just referenced here.

Shazam! is a good time at the movies and will refresh you with its charm and heart. It's probably the funniest superhero film since Deadpool, and this one doesn't even rely on a cliched plot and an R rating. It goes straight to the thunder. PS: Zachary Levi is a cutie and man DC is back in the game or what!