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My computer screen turned to theirs. As my device booted up to a version of windows XP, what unfolded over the next 1 hour 45 minutes were some of the best directed screenplay I've seen in some time.

Director Aneesh Chaganty does it the way he knows it works. With never a dull moment. You see through John Cho searching for his daughter with moments of hope, hopelessness, uncomfort and a little bit of self reflection.
In a completely unexpected Outlook, You find a space of intimacy. Realizing the amount of stuff we put out to strangers on the internet, and why we are so distant from our offline lives. It made me question some of the things we hold off from, and why. In a strange world of bright lights and black mirrors, where we lay at night confessing what we may in a pursuit of closure and validation. The film made me think, while still never losing me as it unraveled itself.
Which is such a surprise considering this film is just screens. It could've ended up as a gimmick, but with all the heart beneath those pixels. This movie has its win.