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Russian Doll

russian doll

I'm a cynic for whenever a Netflix show presents me with a new and enticing concept because I know 9/10 times they will treat it like a gimmick and screw it up in their void of binge watching.

The 1 that's left, thankfully this show is a part of that club.

Wrapping the entire story in less than four hours, the writing is gripping and consistent. Helmed by a terrific Natasha Lyonne, our 36 year old protagonist who is stuck in a loop of living her birthday over and over again.
The show shines when it is seamlessly switching between a dark comedy and a story about fighting mental illness. It explores themes that could've otherwise come off as plain crazy or boring. It's sensitive, artistic and actually makes an effort to present us with healthy conclusions.

It's eight, 25 minute episodes, and they deserve your time. The time you are not giving yourself, to fix your damn things.