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First Man

First man poster

First Man had the most intense and realistic space flight scenes that I've ever sat through.
This is why I love films? They have the power to put you in a place you might never be in, in this case...the precious shoes of Neil Armstrong.

Though the flight sequences are the strongest parts of the films (probably will be studied and dissected for times to come), this is a really intimate biopic. Damien Chazelle crafts the film between the US's race to space and the struggles of a person just trying to keep a balance.

Chazelle has to be one of the most progressive filmmakers working out there, the treatment of the film almost reminded me of Terrence Mallick's tree of life and the way memories are handled like a grainy sequence of events.

It's not your usual underdog story, or just the story of an incredible achievement. As Armstrong is popularly misquoted "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". The "a" before man is important, and It is but a story about a man and his journey for closure.