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Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

"Queen is no one thing." The band pushes on, in various different words throughout the film.
What should have been the strength of the film ends up being a curse, stuck in a formulaic screenplay. The narrative suffocates, literally waiting to break free. It only shows us glimmers and constantly fails to stick to the stories it wants to tell.

Rami Malek is as incredible as ever, sometimes being the only energy guiding the film out of dready patches of rock and roll trivia.
In what is the best 20 minutes of lip syncing Hollywood has ever produced, I wondered if Rami could be a superstar if it wasn't for the production. At least kids today would've heard Queen through their platform of preference.

With a better set of directors and a singular vision, this might have turned out to be the film that Freddie Mercury deserved. This just isn't it. The film does not know what it wants to say, the patchy pace and lyrics that take up half the screen kept me distracted from the characters and the music, that I really came there for. I wanted to feel the pain and excitement in his vocal range, I wanted to experience the flamboyance growing within me and what I saw on screen, I wanted to fall in love with it and the film just didn't let me.

I mean, you can go experience Queen's greatest hits and the most accurate recreation of their Live Aid set that will ever be made.
Just don't expect a good film while you're in there living through a two hour karaoke session on Dolby.