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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


It's really hard to talk about this film without spoiling anything, but I'm going to keep this spoiler free.

It's the Infamous 1984, Netflix hands us the power to make choices and control what happens in the story of Stefan. Taking concepts of meta-fiction and exploiting them a ton, the idea that sounds so good on paper ends up being a drag to get through. Here the gimmicks are shimmery and the plot is dull. I love video games, visual novels and even choose your own adventure books. They take me on a journey where I am made to feel like I live the consequences of my choices and in turn give me a wholesome experience. But the core of those experience is that I care about what is happening in front of me and I want to make careful choices, I want to protect our characters and do everything I can to end up in the most hopeful place. I feel like Bandersnatch misses that point completely. At a point in time, I literally felt like choosing the worst possible options so I could just get it over with. It was going nowhere, and the constant back and forth made it all the more inconsequential. You're given eggshells, and you can't make an omelette or have them scrambled.

This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy it at all, I really liked one of the endings and I thought it was a brilliant way to wrap it up. But sadly it tempts you to indulge more, and milk our own journey further. It just does not feel like a fully realized output.

The format has always had potential and I can see more and more of these coming out in the near future. They will have to learn from video games and do better than this, and I believe they will. (Would absolutely love to recommend some Choice based video games, if anybody wants!)