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Aquaman is a literal fish out of the water, and while the plot might be the most uninteresting part of the film. (But so was LOTRs) In the hands of a good captain, it shines.

James Wan knows what he's got and plays everything to the film's advantage. He knows Jason Momoa is a beast on screen with a charmingly captivating presence. He knows how ridiculous his characters and the world can be. He knows just what to do with them.

Washing away, stirring and settling our expectations.

The film has a flow to it. A sense of movement with how the film is edited and shot, from one scene to another and the seamless action sequences that are a dance of their own. Heavily influenced by video games, the action is beautifully choreographed. The way Nicole Kidman moved reminded me of the meditative water bending from the last airbender. The camera movement and sound design make you feel the impact of every thump and scratch. In a whole, It's a meticously chaotic ballet.

Wan's expertise is evident as a series of horrific situations flawlessly transition into these beautiful moving paintings. (Thor ragnarok, you're not alone now.)

Apart from the humor that doesn't always hit home and the overly chaotic and weirdly empty world of the Atlantic. With a recipe for so much more that could've gone wrong.

This film does justice to everything it goes for, and was the most cathartic experience I've had as a person who holds DC so close to his heart.