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After Life

Before everybody gets sweeped away with the storm that is End Game, I'd like to talk about this little Netflix show called "After Life". Ricky Gervais representing the most cynical British humor in an arc that is way more cathartic than I expected. In the same space as Louis CK's Louie, Aziz Ansari's Master of None, Bo Burnham's Make Happy, Hannah Gadsby's Nanette and Neal Brennan's 3 mics. Having loved all of these, one after the other. I think I might have a thing for comedians penning down an authentic slice of some very personal experiences. While there are people out there making content that give us messages about the world we live in, the culture, the politics that exist around us and the bigger purpose for what we all thrive for. This is a just a complete turn around.

After life feels like a deeply internal look at what we have become in times like this. With Coping up, closure, death and depression being the major themes of the show, the writing manages to mingle them around in a very funny affair. At less than four hours, it's a very satisfying watch and a rewarding one if you've ever even remotely liked anything that Gervais has been involved in. Or you're just trying to move on from something, and aren't we all.

Netflix is hitting the right mark with this format, and just like Russian Doll I am not really dying to watch the next season of After Life. Simply because the time with these characters and the story was adequately wholesome, and I'd like to stay afloat in these feelings. Just a little longer.