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We all know that one friend who is rich beyond their measure but their house looks like Bappi Lehri's wet dreams. Or the Mercedes with yellow rims that you might have seen in South Bombay?
Yeah, 2.0 is pretty much that. It's an expensive five star buffet that tries 17 exotic cuisines and screws up your basic dal.

Helmed by a director that follows his vision so religiously that he completely ignores everything that comes in between. Being fair, his concepts are decent and he never really gives in to any formulaic temptations. The film feels limped by science but quite genuine to the fiction. A masterful strange space.

Years in the making they say, and it does show. Like when a character roams around wearing a 2013 Google Glass. Or when you realize that every character that is supposed to be smart wears some kind of spectacles. Or how women are almost non-existent in the film, they're either out of focus or waiting around to ask just the right questions to make all the spectacle people sound smart. Please don't hit me with an "oh the female protagonist is such a strong female model and serves such a purpose to the plot". NO. She is a prop and an excuse for the film to objectify and get away with it, because she is literally a voluptuous robot. Made by the same guy who built the man of the hour. Chitthi. The only dad bod robot in the world. A Rajnikanth made by a Rajnikanth.

This is a superhero movie, Chennai is New York. There is a villain with an acceptable back story. There are people dying, some being saved. There is an exploding climax, and a scaled up final fight. A 550 crore blowout to make our 67-year-old hero look badass. He runs as if his wife forced him out on a morning jog, catwalks away from explosions and literally wears a superhero suit which has its emblem on the crotch. Only in India, I wondered as One Rajni made another Rajni proud by saving a whole bunch of other Rajni's from Rajni himself. Somebody stroke my ego on LSD, please.

To be honest, It's all there and it is a ridiculously entertaining film. The visuals are quite nice, the 3D is really good and so is the sound design. Yeah they made the intern write the film but so what, look at that huge bird made out of cellphones! Impressive in parts, and it definitely gets you thinking. Not about the social message that it's trying to put forward, but about why somebody would spend so much time and money to make this happen. The film is so bad that it is good, and you won't regret that cheap ticket if you do decide to watch it. Dot.