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The film is a warm hug.
I didn't grow up with Mr. Rogers, hell I didn't even know who he was until I watched this film. And I am so glad I did. I think everybody owes it to themselves to take a break and watch these 90 minutes filled with positivity and hope, something we all desperately need in today's time. Going into it I was a little cynical about how it might be a happy fest about this person who never did anything wrong, but it wasn't. It dives deep. Deep into a person who I didn't think could have existed, deep into the psychology of Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood full of insecurities and optimism. Where it all came from, and if he actually brought so much positivity off air. Watching this was a more wholesome experience than I expected. I realised that we do forget how and why to love sometimes, and we need to be reminded of it. The documentary does more than that, it ties a ribbon of kindness so you remember to love, and to pass it on.