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Eastern Summer - Branding & Packaging

Eastern Summer - A branding & packaging assignment for an exotic unique drink.

Full Design Wrap Eastern Summer


The name “Eastern Summer” is derived from what Rooh Afza is known as, The Summer drink of the East. As the research suggested, the drink is targetted towards the west. The design and elements are directly inspired from the drink’s importance & association with the subcontinent’s mughal culture.

Final can gif
Paper cup eastern summer
Eastern Summer brandning cards

“Vodka + Rooh Afza” is mentioned to make it clear about what the drink actually is.
The drink builds up on its traditional roots and aims to give a true refreshing Eastern experience and make you feel pleasantly high and dancey.
The can has a QR code which will contain all the important information of the Drink from the sales to nutritional & more info about the brand.

front final.png

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